On Humor (A Poem on Navigating Life’s Humorous Landscape with a Dash of Rhyme and Wit)

I could not live another day,
Without having humor in my way,
To traverse life without a hearty laugh,
Is like a world devoid of the giraffe,
As it would be odd but assuredly suck,
Just contemplating it might make you say, “Yuck!”

But let’s get down to business,
Can you stand to bear witness?
Me, thinking I’m this fantastical poet,
But go ahead, just wait for me to blow it.

Whenever I get too high on myself,
I pray to God please knock me back down,
And without fail he answers,
And that’s the solace I take in this world.
That’s not funny nor does it rhyme.
But we still out here trying all the time!

Whenever I encounter one without humor,
I think, “You might as well be a tumor!”
Hark! What’s that sound?
Ah, yes, the deafening boom,
Of you draining the fun from the room.

Anyway, enough show and tell for today,
It’s time for me to slip away,
For there are people out there in need of my help,
But between you and me, I’ll just say, “Welp!”