On Serendipity and The Futility of Plans (A Poem on Embracing Life’s Unexpected Turns)

I never thought I’d see the day,
That I could honestly say,
The richest chapters of my life that came into play,
Unfolded through serendipity’s gentle sway.

Plan as you might,
Plan as you will,
But it matters not,
As you’re in for quite the thrill.

But don’t take it from me,
As Thomas Rhett will tell thee,
You never know what’s gonna happen,
You make your plans and you hear God laughin’.

Oh, how mad I would be,
When I felt God cast my hopes and dreams out to sea,
Thinking surely he must be giggling with sick glee,
Only to find he was simply waiting for me to see.

Every transformational move I’ve made,
Every person who’s been of greatest aid,
Every time I felt most dismayed,
Ended up being an unforeseen life upgrade.

So I leave you with this,
If you feel your life’s running amiss,
And you’re truly in the abyss,
Hold tight for your synchronistic assist.