About Me

Instead of writing in the third person and giving myself an exceedingly charitable and glamorous bio, I’ll keep it simple and spare you (to be fair, I used to do all that stuff, but then realized no one cares).

How Not to Describe Me:

  • I haven’t made millions and lost it all and won it back (I’ve made a little and kept it).
  • I haven’t overcome some life-debilitating adversity (I’ve overcome a life-long onslaught of smaller, slow bleeds like most people).
  • I haven’t authored a book (but I’ve published over 50).
  • I haven’t traveled the world (but I’ve been to a handful of countries and more US states).
  • I haven’t won any major athletic competitions (although I did place in the 90th percentile for the CrossFit Open one year, and felt pretty good about myself for a hot second).
  • I haven’t invented any world-changing products (but I’ve started and grown a few businesses).

Things that Interest Me:

  • Thinking and Acting (I don’t respect people who do only one)
  • Clear thinkers
  • Health, Fitness, and Wellness (I’m not going to call myself a biohacker here but I do pay attention to that kind of stuff)
  • Mental Models and evergreen knowledge (favorite being the 80/20 principle)
  • Not doing what everyone else does (I know, eye roll)
  • Minimalism (more stuff is rarely the answer, and only adds to your mental clutter)
  • “Triple Bottomline” companies, B-Corporations, and Win-Win-Win causes or efforts (why not have our cake and have it not ruin the environment too)
  • Organic and sustainable food and clothing
  • Interesting and multi-dimensional people (there are enough podcasts interviewing the “top 1%”)
  • Philosophy, morality, and what it means to live a Good Life
  • A better way (because there always is one)
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