Brian’s Products and Services

A) Physical Products

Kneely: A simple knee paid I made during Covid-19/quarantine to help mitigate my back pain while office desk sitting. I use it as a healthy sitting alternative to desk chair sitting. Most people use it for all kinds of activities like as yoga knee cushion, gardening kneeler, exercise pad, etc. Made it as a “scratch my own itch” product, compliments to Tim Ferriss and 4HWW for that apropos terminology. Available for purchase on the following channels:

B) Consulting

Business Systems Consulting: I’ve been doing this for a while, helping people systematize their business so they can do more of what they love and less of what they hate, in and outside of their business.

NLP, Hypnosis, and Mental and Emotional Release® Life Coaching: I am a Master Practioner trained in these healing modalities to help you release your emotional baggage and limiting beliefs to live the life of your dreams with an extremely high efficacy rate.

If you’re interested in working with me, you can book a time here.

C) Content

Attempt at humor/comedy. I love stand-up comedy and one of my life creeds is for things you love to consume, try producing them at some point. Not a lot of people find it as amusing as I do, but that’s okay, I do it anyway. Available for your complimentary viewing pleasure: @thebriancomstock

A more deadass take on life: @brianpaulcomstock

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