Poem: Darkness of Today (War in Ukraine, COVID-19, Hollywood Elite & Opioid Crisis)

Oh dear, the war in Ukraine,
All but one of today’s bane,
Lord, please stop the incessant rain,
Of all these sources of great stress and disdain.

Oh dear, COVID-19,
Do I really need a vaccine,
I wish the world was a bit more clean,
To be free and clear of such a harmful scheme.

Oh dear, the Hollywood elite,
What do they want besides our children’s meat,
So Godspeed, Tim Ballard,
Thank god for your tremendous valor.

Oh dear, the opioid crisis,
Just when you thought they were at bay,
They made a Fentanyl spray,
So let’s band together and pray,
For those still addicted and suffering today.

Oh dear, there’s yet still more,
For these are merely some of today’s gore,
So my message is to implore,
For us all to unite once more.