On the Precious Shortness of Life (The Final Gate: A Poem of Aspiration and Legacy)

Home for the Holidays,
Another year gone by, 365 days,
If only I had better ways,
To express I’d give anything to make sure my family stays.

I oft ponder what will be my fate,
The truth is I want to be so great,
I just hope I won’t be too late,
Before I reach the final gate.

And once I get there, what will they say?
Will it be, ‘Wow, what a positive impact he left on display’?
Or will it disappoint and sound a bit more gray,
Either way, before it’s my turn to forever go away,
I must press on and forge a new today.

Every day I look in the mirror,
I remind myself I must steer clear,
Of anything that robs me of my cheer,
For you never truly know when the end is near.