Top 5 Relatively Untold Stories of Human Kindness and The Power of the Human Spirit (COVID-19, 9/11, Animal Hugs & Low-Income Christmas)

My father just sent me a photo of nearly the entire county’s law enforcement lining outside his hospital in honor of all the healthcare frontline workers battling against COVID-19.  

You are a product of your environment, clean and simple. Unfortunately, much of the media and news in our digital environment spews out nothing but negativity. Life can be hard enough as it is, especially with a pandemic like COVID-19 flying around, so I felt it especially pertinent to share some positivity to show the other side of the coin.

Each of these videos have been hand selected by yours truly as the ultimate instant state-changers, tear-jerkers, and inspirational downloads one can find scattered across the interwebs (if you have any better, please share in the comments). 

I come back to these videos every couple years or so, in addition to a few others, and they never cease to amaze and infuse me with radical perspective shifts. I feel like my MQ (Moral Intelligence) goes up 27 points just watching them. 

In roughly descending order of gravitas and ascending order of heart-warming: