Game Changers Newsletter (Dec. 2021): One Sleep Device to Rule Them All (eXciteOSA)

  • Sleep OptimizationeXciteOSA – FDA-Cleared device that reduces snoring and mild sleep apnea. Reduced my snoring within just a few days of use. (Thank you, Devin).
  • Personal FinanceCelsius – earn 5%+ interest on your crypto just for holding it. Switched from Coinbase Pro to this. Compounded weekly.
  • #Free Mental Health: Dr. Barry Morguelan’s (Chinese Medicine Grandmaster) Gratitude Practice: Carry a journal with you and write down good things that happen, the smaller the better, in REAL-TIME, meaning as they happen. See how many items you can add a day.
  • ProductivityA Reasonably Detailed Guide to Optimizing Your iPhone for Productivity, Focus and Your Own Health – this takes a while but like most Game Changer ideas here it’s a one-and-done lifetime upgrade.
  • Health: Get your own personalized health data, labs, bloodwork, etc. I started working with a Functional Medicine doctor to get comprehensive blood work and other tests to give me individualized actionable insight into my health and beneficial behavior and dietary changes.
  • Fun and New for Your Butt / Personal HygieneDude Wipes – I think this coupled with a Bidet is optimal and far and away better than just using standard TP (Thank you, Tyler).