The Ideal Mindset to Survive The Age of Coronavirus (Optimizing the Tension Between Slow and Speed)

I just got off the phone with someone whom I dearly love, but he was a little thrown off by my seemingly nonchalant demeanor during this whole mess. What’s the right thing to do? Aggressively delineate one contingency plan after another or stop and smell the roses while we’re essentially forced to? I kindly offer you an answer that lies somewhere on both extremes:

From a glass half full perspective the best thing to do right now in times like this is to enjoy the space to improve yourself and your family but to also keep grinding and working on next steps. 

Think about and ready plan B and C but don’t worry about it at the same time. 

Make sure you get some perspective but also keep your tunnel vision on your goals to progress. 

Give yourself a break since every person and business on the planet is suffering but also don’t give yourself a break and keep forging a way forward. 

Have gratitude but remain hungry. Take time to assess new options but don’t waste time making the decision and moving onward. The key thing here is to work on relaxing and grinding.

You will never be enough or reach your potential (by definition, since it’s limitless) but you are worthy and deserving of love, just the way you are.

Coronavirus is impeding your ability to crush your goals, but also giving you time to reflect if you really wanted them to begin with. 

Be aware and educated of what’s going on but don’t consume the news and talking heads to the point of personal distress and low-grade walking paranoia. 

Be there for your friends and family but separate to work your own personal growth in solitude. Ignore the jokes from friends that you “have the time” to talk. You don’t have the time as your personal transformation cannot wait, but you do have all day and can aid one another in the journey. 

Money is your focus and where it will come from, but don’t obsess since we’re on the brink of obliterating the entire concept of and need for money. But not really, so keep working.

More millionaires were created in the 2008 crisis than any other period, but I also didn’t fact check that and it doesn’t matter. Do what is in your control and believe you can find a way to rig things to your advantage during this period. 

Can you believe how much peace and quiet you have at your home, free to do as you wish? Can you believe how much news, memes, texts, and social media posts are flying around diverting your attention all day. I’ve never seen days go by so fast and slow at the same time, have you?

Appreciate what you have while you have it. My favorite sourdough bread from Thrive Market has been sold out for too long now. We are one click away from having anything we want delivered to us. If what you want is not available, repurpose the money and realize you didn’t need it to begin with.

Begin and end each day with a heart full of appreciation, gratitude and love, but get your ass out of bed and do something productive.

I could keep going on and on, but I really can’t when the points have already been addressed.

You can either read, share, or ignore this, but you can’t do all three and there are probably other options you could do too.

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