Confessions of an Aspiring Writer: The Struggle is Real

I should really get into a regular writing and posting schedule, but I have my brother coming this weekend so maybe next week.

Okay maybe just get something on paper to start. Actually no, I’d rather block off a bunch of time so I can knock out a full post at least, maybe two if I’m in the zone. Wait is this just another excuse to procrastinate or is this a valid reason to optimize my writing output?

Finally got a good night’s sleep, so let’s try this morning. I refuse to write when I am on a suboptimal night’s sleep, not because I’m lazy but because I care about only producing the highest quality that I’m capable of. 

Why did I move next to a construction zone? Noise is the real reason this is difficult. Too many distractions. No, put on headphones and get past that. My back hurts…

Resist the urge to check your phone. You will never get into “flow state” if you do that. The Rise of the Super Struggling Writer. 

What’s the best position to write in anyway? Lying down is comfortable but awkward to type. Sitting is the new smoking. What’s a guy ought to do?

Your writing lately hasn’t been that funny. We need more cow bell, Brian. And you can’t call it writer’s block because that implies 1) that you’re a writer, and 2) you were ever unblocked. If you want to write half-baked informational/self-improvement articles you need to layer in the quirks. To do that, I need to find my most creative/theta-brain wave time. Mornings seem good but after my morning routine and coffee (which feels non-negotiable currently), I’m in the wrong brain wave (alpha) to write. You don’t understand brainwaves that well so you shouldn’t use it as an excuse. Okay fine. 

Nighttime seems like a good time to write, particularly because it’s not now. Let’s do that and tap into your creativity just before your brain drifts off to sleep. The issue is Netflix and Chill mode seeps over after a day of work and working out, so maybe another night is better. 

Coffee shops are a sexy place to write. The image of writing in a coffee shop seems appealing, but I can’t handle the noise, constant movement and distractions. I’ll write at home, less commute time anyway and a better chair. I have to go to the bathroom…

Don’t beat yourself up. Think of it this way, even though you didn’t do it today, as long as you stay on a somewhat regular schedule, you’ll be solid. Hell, even 1 post a month, that’s 12 posts a year, and if I keep that up for 157 years, that’s enough to really make a dent in the world and really master the craft!