Why I Am Going Vegan(-ish) After Watching The Game Changers Documentary

I have to finish out my grass-fed butter and collagen and organ meat supplements and fish oils and meat-filled meal deliveries, but besides that I am now 100% vegan. 

It’s quite a compelling documentary, taking Netflix by storm as of the time of this writing. It’s amazing how convincing these documentaries are when they simply flash a few athletic and jacked phenoms working out. Who needs science and peer-reviewed studies anyway. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. 

Just so I can pretend that I’m smart and scrupulous when it comes to my dietary and hopefully life decisions, let the record show that I am not going vegan because I am convinced of the scientifically-validated material the documentary presented (which was limited) but rather because I am so fed up with conflicting dietary advice, shills and ‘studies’ that I will be using my own experience and personal changes as my source of truth for this experiment. I predict that this will have been the best we can do as it becomes increasingly apparent that the ideal diet is highly personalized based on a variety of factors (genes, epigenetics, upbringing, etc.).

The other benefit is the novelty bump; I love nothing more than (re-)buying pounds of flaxseed (after throwing away my old bag after discovering their ostensible “estrogenic properties” – I can withstand nearly anything but man boobs isn’t one of them), chia, and hemp seeds off of Amazon and all kinds of other vegan goodies to transform my life. As an optimizer the hope of a new experiment tending to all my dreams and woes is gripping. What if I truly have been doing it wrong the whole time? It’s worth it to find out. The “meat-detox” alone is sufficient.

The Game Changers documentary promised me more energy, stamina, recovery, less murky blood, more sleep erections, need I go on? I am ready, vegan gods, bring it on. Bless me with your healing powers. 

I am interested to see how my body composition changes, as my close friends that have gone vegan/plant-based have reliably lost a layer of bloatedness/inflammation to where their face became gaunt. I’ve always been a husky bear (formally known as an easy gainer in the meathead bodybuilding world) so let’s see what kind of lean and meanness unfolds. Also because I am not going into this experiment due to hard science, I won’t be using hard science to measure my progress. Instead, I’ll simply be comparing my weight and body composition over time and use the whites in my eyes as a barometer for my overall inflammation (didn’t see that one coming did you).

Wish me luck. If I have any material progress or health upgrades with this I’ll be doing a follow-up post and/or Insta-model channel addition. 

Thank god my roommate has a Vitamix.